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C++ Wrapper, getting started

Greetings libssh,

I'm having trouble getting started using the C++ wrapper. I'd like to start a session+channel to do commands on a remote machine. Can't get it to work. What am I missing? Also, I've shown in the comments where a disconnect call causes a seg fault.

Thank you!


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

#include <libssh/libsshpp.hpp>

int main()
    ssh::Session session;
        session.setOption( SSH_OPTIONS_USER, "user" );
        session.setOption( SSH_OPTIONS_HOST, "" );
        session.userauthPassword( "password" );

        ssh::Channel channel( session );

        channel.requestExec( "psync-manager stop" );

// This causes a seg fault in ssh_channel_free() ???
//              session.disconnect();
    catch (ssh::SshException e)
        std::cout << "Error during connection : ";
        std::cout << e.getError() << std::endl;

    return 0;

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