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ssh_threads_set_callbacks in multithreaded server


I try to create a multithreaded ssh server.
Main thread creates new session and accepts a connection. After acception
each session will be processed in separate thread.
        while (1)
            ssh_session session = ssh_new();
            if (session == NULL)
                fprintf(stderr, "Failed to allocate session\n");

            /* Blocks until there is a new incoming connection. */
            if (ssh_bind_accept(m_sshbind, session) != SSH_ERROR)
                // start a new thread with session
                // ...
In a session's thread new event is created and event loop is started.
Session is used only in its own thread (I hope so).
I'm using my own thread classes.
Do I need to call ssh_threads_set_callbacks with my own implementation of
callbacks? If so what should do thread_id function?

Re: ssh_threads_set_callbacks in multithreaded serverAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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