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Re: windows binaries totally broken

Hi Oleg,

Andreas fixed this last week in the v0-7 branch
https://git.libssh.org/projects/libssh.git/log/?h=v0-7, but we had no
idea it also impacted the released binaries. We should probably have a
release soon with these fixes.


Le 18/07/15 13:58, Oleg Eroshkin a écrit :
> Hi!
> Published LIBSSH windows binaries are totally broken, because AES chipher is not supported. I maked binaries from sources, but the problem was not solved. 
> The reason is CMake does found OpenSSL headers. The problem is in file "ConfigureChecks.cmake". It uses variable "OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIRS" but CMake ("FindOpenSSL.cmake") initializes "OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR" (no "s" at the end). I fixed this, and now library works fine.
> С уважением,
> Ерошкин Олег

windows binaries totally brokenOleg Eroshkin <ojero@xxxxx>
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