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Re: Double authentication using libssh

On Wednesday 29 July 2015 16:48:20 balasubramanian Achuthan wrote:
> Hi Tilo,
> Thanks, This was just a bare stripped down version. The actual version
> looks different.
> So how do i pass the second password? should i again use
> ssh_userauth_password ? again?
> I went through the tutorial. The answer for my question is not there. API
> docs does not say anything about this SSH_AUTH_PARTIAL.


Quote: "SSH_AUTH_PARTIAL: You've been partially authenticated, you still have 
to use another method".

I think that is clear enough. The rest is documented in the RFC.


	-- andreas

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Double authentication using libsshbalasubramanian Achuthan <balasurfs@xxxxxxxxx>
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Re: Double authentication using libsshbalasubramanian Achuthan <balasurfs@xxxxxxxxx>
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