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Thank you for your reply! I finally solve it. The only thing I had to do is
to use the ssh.dll file from the version 0.7.2 instead of v 0.7.1 I had
used before.
Στις 22 Νοε 2015 12:51 μ.μ., ο χρήστης "Robin Mills" <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello
> I’m the build master for libexiv2 (http://exiv2.org) and currently
> working on our CMake/Visual Studio support.
> I may have found a bug in your file ConfigureCheck.cmake on Windows with
> Visual Studio.  CMake barfs on this code about line#60.
> if (WIN32)
>   check_include_files("winsock2.h;ws2tcpip.h;wspiapi.h" HAVE_WSPIAPI_H)
>     message(STATUS "WARNING: Without wspiapi.h, this build will only work
> on Windows XP and newer versions")
>   endif (NOT HAVE_WSPIAPI_H)
>   check_include_files("winsock2.h;ws2tcpip.h" HAVE_WS2TCPIP_H)  <—————
> endif (WIN32)
> *“unknown command check_include_files (or something like that).*
> My fix is to add a line the top of the file:
> include(CheckIncludeFile)
> include(CheckIncludeFiles) <—— Added
> include(CheckSymbolExists)
> May I ask you to investigate this please?
> Robin Mills

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