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Re: [PATCH] basic client certificate support for libssh

On Wednesday 23 September 2015 00:54:36 Axel Eppe wrote:
> Hi again,

Hey Axel,

> Turns out the earlier stuff somehow forgot gcrypt altogether, hence the
> warnings. I've now corrected warnings and gcrypt support.
> The attached files also contain the remaining changes from the earlier
> patches, from the current master (one per source file to match the
> requested style). If you only need the gcrypt related changes, that's patch
> #4. I've also adjusted the tests for cmocka (patch #5).

the new testing infrastructure is in place. Could you rebase your patches on 
master. Take a look how I worte tests using 'ssh-agent'. Please implement them 
the same way for certificates.

The tests require https://cwrap.org



	-- andreas

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