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Asynchronous callbacks

Hi all,

I am trying to make use of libssh's callbacks in an asynchronous way,
but I cannot find any example of this in the documentation.

My goal would be to accomplish the following:
1) establish a connection
2) setup callbacks (eg. "channel_data_function")
3) execute a remote command
4) enter event loop and have the callbacks automatically called

However, I realize that the channel callbacks are called only when
closing the channel.
Since I do not know when the command finished, I do not know when to
close the channel.

Synchronous code works, here a simplified version:

ssh_channel_callbacks_struct channel_callbacks;
channel_callbacks.userdata = nullptr;
channel_callbacks.channel_data_function = &data_callback;
channel->setCallbacks(&channel_callbacks); //I introduced this function
in the cpp wrapper to conveniently call ssh_set_channel_callbacks()
usleep(5000000L); //wait for the command to finish
channel->close(); //this fires all callbacks
delete channel;

The workaround I have used until now is to use a separate thread to
continuously call channel->readNonblocking() and check channel->isEof()
to detect the end of the command, but this seems to be a cumbersome
Can anyone provide any hints, or a pointer to start my research?

Thank you in advance!

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