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Re: Patch: for SSH 2.0, send client banner immediately and save a round-trip

On Thursday, October 15, 2015 10:35:09 PM you wrote:
> Hello again,
> Sorry for having sent incorrect patch file.
> Previous patch file won’t send client banner immediately, it will be
> buffered.
> I use ssh_set_fd_towrite to force banner being sent immediately, but I’m not
> sure whether it’s the right tool.
> By using Wireshark to trace packets shows client banner was sent
> immediately, and port forwardings are working correctly.
> Any ideas?

This looks good. I've added it to our codebase. It would be great if you could 
send patches using 'git format-patch' in future. See SubmittingPatches in the 
root of the source tree.

Thanks for your contribution.


	-- andreas

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