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Re: Build libssh against openssl 1.1.0

Hi Jakub,

That's great work you did here. Please let us some time to review your
patch and give feedback. We should test on some older systems, such as
centos/RHEL 4.x that some people still use.


On 1/11/16 15:39, Jakub Jelen wrote:
> Hello libssh developers,
> during last days we were porting various applications to openssl
> 1.1.0, which brought various API changes to simplify the transition to
> new version in future Fedora [1].
> The most of the changes are not backward compatible and require
> special layer of compatibility (also included). I tested the patch
> with the new 1.1.0 and the old 1.0.2 (unfortunately I don't have any
> older) versions and the test suite passed in both cases.
> What was not handled are deprecated methods DSA_generate_parameters
> and RAND_pseudo_bytes, that will be removed in the future releases,
> but it is not preventing from the usage.
> [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/OpenSSL110
> Let me know, if the patch is acceptable, or there are things to improve.
> Regards,

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Build libssh against openssl 1.1.0Jakub Jelen <jjelen@xxxxxxxxxx>
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