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2 sessions problem

Hi everyone!
I am new at libssh so I am not familiar with the proper usage of the
library. I am writing a code in which I create a session with a server. So
far so good. Then I run 2 threads the first reads a txt file from the
server (one.txt) the second tread writes to a second txt file (two.txt).
The code works but occasionally I receive a n_bytes error following from
open_session error and channel request error. So i tried to create at the
beginning of my code 2 sessions ssh_session_one, ssh_session_two. Thread
one uses ssh_session_one, and thread two the ssh_session_two. Same problem
as before. So am I need to use some kind of libssh threads? My code is
written in C++ using Visual studio 2015 and I use System threads

Thanks a lot
John Stoltidis
Γιάννης Στολτίδης

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