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passing passphrase as parameter?

Hello there, 

I'm coding a simple SSH server for learning and I have created dsa and rsa keys passing a passphrase. now in my ssh server code, when calling ssh_bind_listen, it prompts for this passphrase so my question is, is there any way to pass this passphrase as parameter or by callback or something without needing to write this manually? my pseudocode:

 port = 5555;
hsession= ssh_new();
hbind= ssh_bind_new();
ssh_bind_options_set(hbind, SSH_BIND_OPTIONS_BINDPORT, &port);
ssh_bind_options_set(hbind, SSH_BIND_OPTIONS_DSAKEY, "ssh_host_dsa_key");
ssh_bind_options_set(hbind, SSH_BIND_OPTIONS_RSAKEY, "ssh_host_rsa_key");



Alex  Jackson .

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