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Re: Microsoft visual C++ compilation problems


If you’re still stuck with this, please call and we can discuss it.  I’m in Camberley 01276 503287

http://clanmills.com <http://clanmills.com/>

> On 3 Feb 2017, at 12:14, Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wednesday, 23 November 2016 17:16:11 CET Mark Ramsden wrote:
>> Aris,
>> This may be a stupid question if I install MinFW to build the libs will I be
>> able to link resultant dll with msvc projects ? Sure I could but don’t
>> wantto run off on a fools errand
> Aris and myself are not Windows users. I guess yes but I'm not sure. We do not 
> have someone who really cares about Windows.
> I build it with Visual Studio and MinGW from time to time to fix bugs.

On 2016-11-24, I said:

I am the build-master for the Exiv2 project. http://exiv2.org <http://exiv2.org/>

I never mix GCC and Microsoft Compiled Code.    Additionally, I never mix code compiled with different versions of MSVC because I believe the compiler generates run-time and other library references that may cause issues.  I believe name mangling is not part of the C++ language standard and so C++ code cannot be linked, although this might not apply as I believe libssh is pure “C”.

To make life even more difficult, I encourage you to avoid CMake/Visual Studio as they dance with the elegance of two sumo wrestlers.

I provide build support for Exiv2 on several popular build systems.  Our current MSVC build environment builds libssh (0.55) with openssl (1.0.1j).  We also provide build support for CMake/Visual Studio.

     2012-05-04  23:35     <DIR>    expat     <--- "vanilla" expat   2.1.0  source tree
     2012-05-04  23:35     <DIR>    zlib      <--- "vanilla" zlib    1.2.7  source tree
     2012-05-04  23:35     <DIR>    curl      <--- "vanilla" curl    7.39.0 source tree
     2012-05-04  23:35     <DIR>    openssl   <--- "vanilla" openssl 1.0.1j source tree
     2012-05-04  23:35     <DIR>    libssh    <--- "vanilla" libssh  0.5.5  source tree

You may find our build code helps you to build libssh with MSVC.  Our build environments support VS 2005/8/10/12/13/15 and 2017/RC.  We also support GCC (and/or clang) on MinGW, Cygwin, Linux and MacOS-X.

http://clanmills.com <http://clanmills.com/>

Re: Microsoft visual C++ compilation problemsAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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