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Complete example of daemon with multiprocess

I need to make a multiprocess/multithreaded daemon (i don't mind if multi thread/process, i will use the simple way in libssh). 

I followed the example samplesshd-tty.c, but i have some problems.
I understood the example, but it seems too simple, and mono-process (although it uses forkpty).
I need some help for

|     cb.userdata = &fd; |

|      ssh_callbacks_init(&cb); |

|      ssh_set_channel_callbacks(chan, &cb); |

I don't undestand if i need it.
I have a daemon that accept ssh connection, send ncurses forms to the client, and when the client finished the job, the process die.Do i really need the callbacks or i can simply use standard multiprocessing patterns?
Do you have a _serious_ example of a complete program, or can you tell me a open-source program that have a similar behaviour?
Thank you in advance.

Re: Complete example of daemon with multiprocessAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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