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Port Forwarding with Custom Sockets framework

am new to this list and have a question. I want to do port forwarding but I
don't use native sockets rather I will have to use abstractions like
wxWidgets sockets or PoCo library. So far I have not found and example that
glues together the tunnel and the actual forwarded local port. I guess it
may be because of choices of implementation are wide.

I find however, that even general instruction are lacking. After explaining
how to create a tunnel the tutorial does not give much and assumes everyone
knows of select stuffs. Documentation of the forwarding functions just
gives disclaimer that it does not bind to the port and that is all!

Now that I have explained my problem, did I miss something? Is there
anywhere I can go and read? If no, can anyone help steer me in right

I use C++/wxWidgets and PoCo if that even matter.
Cheers and regards!

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