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Re: auth_pubkry callback is only getting called with signature_state == SSH_PUBLICKEY_STATE_NONE

I changed the return to SSH_AUTH_SUCCESS and am now I get the second authentication attempt and can authenticate.  So is the documentation wrong or am doing the wrong (but working) thing?


On 10/12/17, 9:28 PM, "Eric Bentley" <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    int auth_publickey(ssh_session session, const char *user,
                                            struct ssh_key_struct *pubkey,
                                            char signature_state,
                                            void *userdata)
    	struct AUTH_DATA *auth_data = (struct AUTH_DATA*) userdata;
    	DBGINFO("%s Authenticating user ->%s<-\n", __func__, user);
    	if (signature_state == SSH_PUBLICKEY_STATE_NONE){
    		DBGINFO("Partial auth \n");
    		return SSH_AUTH_PARTIAL;
    	if (signature_state != SSH_PUBLICKEY_STATE_VALID){
    		return SSH_AUTH_DENIED;
    I’ve tried calling my ssh server with the linux ssh app and also an libssh app using ssh_userauth_publickey_auto() and I get multiple calls to my auth_publickey() function but signature_state is always SSH_PUBLICKEY_STATE_NONE.  I’ve read that SSH_AUTH_PARTIAL is the appropriate response but I never get a call with another state.  Any hints at what I may be doing wrong?

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