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Interop with ESXi hypervisor

I'm playing with Pino's patch that adds libssh block driver support to
qemu, and it all works completely fine against a normal Linux server.


However against VMware's ESXi hypervisor it fails in a peculiar way.
libssh2 *works* against this hypervisor, so I don't think it's
anything as simple as the server not supporting sftp.  We have a long
debugging log:

  (see in particular "read failed: (sftp error code: 0)" in the log)

But it looks to me like the information being collected there is
probably not sufficient to debug this, and it's not nice to ask you to
test against a proprietary product.

Is there more/better/different debugging that we could collect to help
diagnose what is going on?

Also, I'm using libssh-0.7.5-1.fc26.x86_64.  Would using a newer or
different libssh help?  There is only one change upstream which seems
related to sftp support (f525fdb2e189) and that doesn't seem relevant

AIUI ESXi runs a cut-down Linux distro, and has an OpenSSH 5.6 server
(albeit one which may be modified and/or broken in some manner).


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