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Re: Working on keepalive messages while waiting for local connection

On Saturday, 14 April 2018 18:35:10 CEST g4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On 14.04.2018 17:58, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> > On Saturday, 14 April 2018 15:55:20 CEST g4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >> On 11.04.2018 18:09, g4-lisz@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >>> On 11.04.2018 17:31, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> >>>> ould appreciate a lot if someone could show me some sample code.
> >>>> I think that ssh_event_dopoll() will handle it and call the appropriate
> >>>> callback. Don't use ssh_select()
> >>>> 
> >>>> In master we have the new connector API which is easier to use, see
> >>>> https://git.libssh.org/projects/libssh.git/tree/examples/ssh_client.c
> >>> 
> >>> Thanks, I think that's the issue: The main event polling is not called
> >>> why my code waits for a connection. But how do I get the event to which
> >>> are attached the default handlers of libssh?
> >>> 
> >>> I also looked at the sample code which uses the event API for polling on
> >>> the channel. But this would not solve my issue with global keep-alive
> >>> requests. They are sent while no channel exists. IMHO it's an issue with
> >>> handling messages in the main loop while no channels are open.
> >> 
> >> Well, maybe I should ask it this way:
> >> 
> >> How can I keep the internal main loop running, i.e. the default
> >> callbacks being triggered, when nothing else is going on?
> > 
> > You need to call of of the ssh poll functions, e.g. ssh_channel_poll() or
> > ssh_event_dopoll() this will also trigger the standard callbacks if
> > something is in the queue.
> This is what I tested before (ssh_event_dopoll)... But maybe it did not
> work because I had a "blank" event without anything attached to it. I'll
> try it again.
> Thanks.

If you got it working, it would be great if you could improve the docs or 
update the tutorial with what you've learned, this will help us and others in 
future and is a simple way to contribute back ;-)


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