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Roadmap to libssh 0.8


I have some patch queues right now. The first patcheset is th one to integrate 
pkd into 'make test' so we have server testing. However it looks like I have 
broken something during rebasing, which I don't find right now.

The branch for that is:


I hope Jon can help. Based on that branch is the branch for chacha20-poly1305 


Once those are in master. I will start looking into other intrusive changes.

* ssh_buffer_ensure_allocated patchset from Pino
* curve25519-sha256 support from Tilo
* SHA2 RSA support from Jakub
* symbol versioning from Anderson
* improved threading support from Anderson

I'm going on vacation on July the 7th. This means what is not done till then 
needs to wait till August. I will try to release libssh 0.8 in August.

TODO for 0.8:
* Add features mentioned above
* Remove SSHv1 support
* Disable blowfish-cbc by default
* Disable ssh-dsa by default

Thanks to all contributors so far. You're amazing!


Andreas Schneider                 asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
GPG-ID:     8DFF53E18F2ABC8D8F3C92237EE0FC4DCC014E3D

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