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ssh-client example broken


today I compiled the examples shipped with libssh (current master) for
the first time and tried to use the "ssh-client" example, but it seems
to be broken.

When I connect to an OpenSSH server in interactive shell mode (i.e.
ssh-client user@host), the client successfully connects and
authenticates, but it does not print any output. Keyboard input does not
work either. Once connected, the client does not react to Ctrl+C, so
that I have to kill -9 it. When I pass a command as last parameter to
run in batch mode, it does not print anything either, does not
terminate, but reacts to Ctrl+C.

The problem lies in the select_loop() function. I suppose its intention
is to connect local stdin, stdout and stderr with its remote
counterparts? The ssh_event_dopoll() function is repeatedly called every
60 seconds when it times out or when I press a key, but it seems to do

With an older version from last year, at least the motd from the server
gets printed after connecting in interactive mode, but then it gets
stuck as well. No shell prompt, no input possible, no Ctrl+C. So it
seems to be broken for a while.


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