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Re: libssh 0.8.1 breaks amarok


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> From: "Antonio Rojas" <arojas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: libssh@xxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 9:56:07 AM
> Subject: libssh 0.8.1 breaks amarok
> Hi all,
>  I need help debugging a strange issue I'm facing when packaging 0.8.1 on
>  Arch Linux. Updating to 0.8.1 breaks KDE's Amarok music player: on startup
>  it throws an error
> "The Amarok database reported the following errors:
> MySQLe something failed! on library initialization failed, return code 1"
> The funny thing is that neither amarok nor mariadb (the mysql implementation
> we use) use libssh at all. The only relationship is that amarok is
> indirectly linked to it via ffmpeg. And indeed, rebuilding ffmpeg without
> libssh support fixes the issue. I've bisected it to this commit:
> commit 83b43443e51b5db06184750fb874e1e8d7ece95a
> Author: Anderson Toshiyuki Sasaki <ansasaki@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date:   Mon Jul 2 13:03:12 2018 +0200
>     threads: Automatically call ssh_init on load
> It only happens when using openssl, if I build libssh with libgcrypt there is
> no issue. Any ideas what may be going on here?

This is probably caused by the removal of the libssh_threads.so. As a workaround, I recommend creating symbolic links pointing to libssh.so.4.5.1. This should result in something like:

libssh_threads.so.4 -> libssh.so.4.5.1
libssh_threads.so.4.5.1 -> libssh.so.4.5.1

The removed library only provided one symbol, namely ssh_threads_get_pthread, which is now provided by libssh.so (the libraries were merged). Any package previously depending on libssh_threads can drop its dependency and depend only on libssh.

Best Regards,

Re: libssh 0.8.1 breaks amarokAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
libssh 0.8.1 breaks amarokAntonio Rojas <arojas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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