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trouble while compiling

Hello guys,

first: sorry for my bad english. I'm a C++ rookie, but advanced in programming general.

I like to use libssh for a project of mine and so i tried to compile it with the following parameters/tools:
-CMake gui
-MinGW 32 bit
-Windows 10
-Clion (for my project)

Before compiling, I installed openssl (build by me, successful) and zlib which would both found by CMake. But at 81% of compiling libssh, many errors appear:  bignum.c [...] undefined reference to  'BN_num_bits'
and so on. I don't know where the problem is.

Is there any prebuild solution to download or do i have to build it by my own? Do you have some Tipps how to include after a successful build libssh in my project with CMake and Clion?
I don't find any possible solution for this on google.

Thank you!

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