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Re: Trouble isntalling libssh on windows

On Wednesday, 7 November 2018 04:08:25 CET antos daileda wrote:
> I've always programmed on Linux, but I've decided to try confronting my
> issues with programming on windows, and thus, I've been downloading what I
> needed for it as I go, and I've come to networking and ssh, but my gosh,
> cmake is a bitch on windows. I've been trying to install it on here all
> week, with no luck.
>  I can get configuring and generating to work, but when I actually try to
> build the project, I got 173 warnings on my first run, with 6 being in
> libsshpp and another 6 in libsshpp_noexcept, and all the others, and the 7
> errors I received, being in ssh_shared.
> I used the Visual Studio 2017 Win64 option on cmake, and my configurations
> are here https://gyazo.com/3838364f4e234df78c87d4142c40de52
> when building a second time after the error, it gets these warnings and
> errors: https://gyazo.com/36ccaffe8dee5c2987dbb6683d07b24f

Obviously zlib is missing on your installation :-)
> As I'm kinda new to using Windows for all of this, and new to Visual studio
> in general, I don't actually know what I could put to help, so if you need
> anymore information, just ask, and I'll get it to you.

I could start my VS installation in the next days and check if master still 
compiles with VS.


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