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Re: ssh remote enter simple txt

If Cisco SSH allows you to execute commands remotely, you're barking up
the right tree... In fact, you only need a ssh client and then you put
something like that in your cron file:

04,37 *     * * *  sshuser     ssh root@cisco shutdown -r now

My five cents...


On 19.11.18 07:52, zi zu wrote:
> I am trying to ssh into a system that does NOT have :
> echo, touch, cat, history, pretty much nothing ...
> This system is a Cisco appliance and I can log in and issue reboot but
> reboot wants confirmation - a simple Y will do but I want to script it
> so I can put into cron and have it done each Sunday... I've tried Perl
> expect but I am no Perl programmer - I am slightly better with C ... lol
> My question is - will libssh accomplish this or am I barking up the
> wrong tree?
> Thx/Bill
> Deut 10:17

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