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Have socks proxy working with libssh


I have a tool that makes use of libssh and creates a server and a client.
The server listens at port 1234 and the client does a reverse connection to
a OpenSSH server. I can see in the OpenSSH server the connection and I can
do ssh localhost -p [port] being port whatever port binded by the client
and it works fine. I get a shell.

the problem is that using that tunnel as a SOCKS proxy doing  ssh -p [port]
-D localhost does not work. It does create a listening socket
at port 11223 but when I set that port and IP on my browser to browse the
internet it does not work.

What should I add to my code to the libssh server so I can get SOCKS

Thank you

Alberto García Illera

GPG Public Key <https://goo.gl/yshdwh>

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