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compilation issue found in libssh-0.7.6 on VS2017

Hi ,

Please suggest :

Found compilation (Linker) issue during building libssh 0.7.6 on windows (Visual Studio 2017).Below is the details:

* @internal
* @brief Convert a buffer into an unpadded base64 string.
* The caller has to free the memory.
* @param  hash         What should be converted to a base64 string.
* @param  len          Length of the buffer to convert.
* @return              The base64 string or NULL on error.
* @see ssh_string_free_char()
static char *ssh_get_b64_unpadded(const unsigned char *hash, size_t len)
    char *b64_padded = NULL;
    char *b64_unpadded = NULL;
    size_t k;

    b64_padded = (char *)bin_to_base64(hash, (int)len);
    if (b64_padded == NULL) {
        return NULL;
    for (k = strlen(b64_padded); k != 0 && b64_padded[k-1] == '='; k--);

                // To:Do replaces strndup() with strcpy_s() as the function is depricated in string.h
                // b64_unpadded = strndup(b64_padded, k);

// Correction Done:

b64_unpadded = (char*)malloc(strlen(b64_padded));
                memchr(b64_unpadded, 0, sizeof(b64_unpadded));
                strcpy_s(b64_unpadded, k, b64_padded);


    return b64_unpadded;
Please suggest.



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