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Re: Could not write as much data as expected

OK, I'm both asked and answered that question =)
Yes, this patch is valid.
Please, apply it to 0.8 and 0.7 branches (0.7 still in use because of SSH-1).

Here is a anippet with some debug code:
SSH_LOG(SSH_LOG_PACKET, "packetlen: %d", packetlen);     // !!! added
len = sftp_packet_write(file->sftp, SSH_FXP_WRITE, buffer);
       // !!! added
SSH_LOG(SSH_LOG_PACKET, "packetlen: %d", packetlen);     // !!! added
SSH_LOG(SSH_LOG_PACKET, "len: %d", len);                         // !!! added
if (len < 0) {
  return -1;
} else  if (len != packetlen) {
  SSH_LOG(SSH_LOG_PACKET,"Could not write as much data as expected");

sftp_write: packetlen: 37
packet_send2: packet: wrote [len=60,padding=8,comp=51,payload=51]
channel_write_common: channel_write wrote 42 bytes
sftp_write: packetlen: 42
sftp_write: len: 42

37 + uint8_t (type) + uint32_t (size) = 42

Could not write as much data as expectedYanis Kurganov <yanis.kurganov@xxxxxxxxx>
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