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Re: Simple non-interactive shell

On 25.11.19 12:04, Aloys Delobel wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm trying to set a simple non-interactive shell, between my program
> (which sends commands to the remote shell) and the server. Here's my
> program :
> [.....]
> And the problem is : the line "pass_instruction(channel, MV_FILE,
> "example.txt");" works and copy the file, then the
> "pass_instruction(channel, MV_FILE, "example2.txt") ;" works according
> to the program, but the file is not copied. I don't understand why...
> Thanks for helping !
> Aloys D.
I'm not familiar with libssh and the remote shell... Just some idea:
Your pass_instruction function only checks if the write to the server
was successfull, but not the result of the remote command. Can it be
that remote side waits for a read before it passes the next line to the

The example at http://api.libssh.org/stable/libssh_tutor_shell.html uses
some read/write loop, like

  while (ssh_channel_is_open(channel) &&


Re: Simple non-interactive shellAloys Delobel <aloysdelobel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Simple non-interactive shellAloys Delobel <aloysdelobel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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