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Re: Importing hostkey

On Thursday, 23 January 2020 12:18:17 CET Michal Vaško wrote:
> Hi Anderson,

Hi Michal,

> thanks a lot for the information, I will try your suggestion. However, in
> case I cannot sue the legacy key format for whatever reason, is there a
> simple way of detecting what crypto library libssh was compiled with? I
> could not find anything in libssh.h.

the libgcrypt pam code is one of the darkest corners of libssh and nobody 
wants to go there.

We suggest to use openssl or mbedtls crypto backends.


Re: Importing hostkeyMichal Vaško <mvasko@xxxxxxxxx>
Re: Importing hostkeyMichal Vaško <mvasko@xxxxxxxxx>
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