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Re: libssh and libgcrypt recent vulnerability

On Friday, 29 January 2021 22:42:27 CET Aris Adamantiadis wrote:
> Hi everyone.

Hi Aris,
> Libgcrypt has been an itch that scratched both Andreas and me for a
> while. Till now, the biggest problem was the workload associated in
> maintaining the gcrypt backend (mostly with external contributions, but
> still). This backend was generously contributed by people who wanted
> libssh in debian at a time when OpenSSL had licensing issues, and I
> accepted it at a time when I wasn't aware of the implications.
> Today it seems to me that that in addition to this workload problem, the
> libgcrypt maintainers aren't on the same page as libssh in terms of CI
> and code quality in general, especially for a security software. This
> twitter thread in particular highlights this:
> https://twitter.com/FiloSottile/status/1355192385123340296

I also saw this thread already.
> I propose we evaluate how many users depend on our libgcrypt build and
> get rid of it for the next version, if it's possible.

I agree.

> Licensing issues
> with OpenSSL is in my opinion not a sufficient reason anymore to keep
> libgcrypt support.

We have a mbedtls backend and mbedtls is available under GPL 2.0 or Apache 2.0 
License. If someone really wants a diffent backend I would suggest to add a 
libnettle based backend.

> By stripping libgcrypt out, we can also more easily
> introduce new ciphers and focus on getting them right on two backends
> instead of three. This has been one of the reasons I haven't worked on
> libssh recently. Adding diffie-helman-group-exchange with support for
> three crypto backend was a very tedious task.

This would also mean that we can e.g. get rid of our chacha2020-poly1305 
implementation as both OpenSSL and mbedtls are offering it!

> Here is my patch, feel free to comment and test it.
> https://gitlab.com/arisada/libssh-mirror/-/commit/1ed690e8f5c33ea73d06ab83fc
> 9eb3283fdfbedf

Will look into it on Monday. Thanks!


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