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Need Help Regarding::SSH blocking and Non-Blocking Mode

Hi All,

When I'm creating a session, by default it create blocking session.
If I use same blocking session to call  SSH_CONNECT(SESSION), with timeout of 30 Seconds, For Invalid IP address it gets return after 30 seconds.
When I set this to nonblocking by using ssh_set_blocking(SESSION,0) , If now, I do SSH_CONNECT(SESSION), it returns immediately with SSH_AGAIN.
It means in nonblocking mode I need to try SSH_CONNECT(SESSION) repeatedly, until my expected timeout value  or return SSH_OK, example in my case for 30 seconds.

Apart from above observation, What is the impact of  blocking and non-blocking mode?
Which one is recommended. Which one to use in which scenarios.

Note: In case of blocking mode if I do ssh_connect(session) on invalid Ip, cpu utilization going high around 20-30 % for some time.

Re: Need Help Regarding::SSH blocking and Non-Blocking ModeJakub Jelen <jjelen@xxxxxxxxxx>
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