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Re: Cross compilation with openssl > 1.0.2

On 5/18/21 10:15 AM, Andrey Strunin wrote:

Do you have any plans to fix the issue with libssh cross compilation with newer openssl? https://github.com/CESNET/netopeer2/issues/856#issuecomment-791481305 <https://github.com/CESNET/netopeer2/issues/856#issuecomment-791481305>

I need libssh library for libnetconf2 and netopeer and system we use should not have old openssl.

The libssh works just fine with new openssl when compiled directly, so this sounds like some issue with the cross-compilation process or handling of the cross-compilation in either libssh, openssl or netopeer2.

I unfortunately do not much experience with cross-compilation, but I guess you will need to provide more commands you used for the cross-compilation of particular pieces and errors you got.

Jakub Jelen
Senior Software Engineer
Crypto Team, Security Engineering
Red Hat, Inc.

Re: Cross compilation with openssl > 1.0.2Andrey Strunin <acrapmonster@xxxxxxxxx>
Cross compilation with openssl > 1.0.2Andrey Strunin <acrapmonster@xxxxxxxxx>
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