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More GSSAPI on Windows: user auth hangs?

I’ve spent a while trying to test the GSSAPI support on Windows and I can’t make it work ☹ I’ve attached a simple program which just tries to connect and authenticate with a server. It assumes you have a valid Kerberos configuration and a ticket.

If I run this on Linux is just works. On Windows, it hangs in ssh_userauth_gssapi(). The program enables packet level logging and on Windows I see this before it hangs:

[2021/08/23 17:01:39.112369, 4] ssh_socket_pollcallback:  Poll callback on socket 756 (POLLIN ), out buffer 0
[2021/08/23 17:01:39.112369, 3] ssh_packet_socket_callback:  packet: read type 61 [len=176,padding=15,comp=160,payload=160]
[2021/08/23 17:01:39.113484, 3] ssh_packet_process:  Dispatching handler for packet type 61


On Linux, I see the same message sequence but immediately followed by:

[2021/08/23 17:05:07.856296, 3] ssh_packet_userauth_gssapi_token_client:  Received SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_GSSAPI_TOKEN

I think this must be something about how I’ve built libssh but its odd as the first part of the GSSAPI auth definitely works (I see the GSSAPI: sending token message for example). I’d also expect things to crash if the function was missing (i.e. a NULL pointer)

I’m not holding out a lot of hope that anyone will have a clue about what is going on here but I thought I’d ask anyway …


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