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Re: Deadlock on key re-exchange handling when a forward tunnel is open

On 4/30/22 19:47, PFLANZER Moritz wrote:

The attached example opens a forwarding tunnel, waits for a client to connect to a local socket and joins the two together using the connector API. This is working fine until the remote server requests a key re-exchange after a gigabyte of data has been transferred via the channel. Then the poll loop deadlocks.

The problem seems to be that the handling of the key re-exchange is initiated from the poll callback. Before the callback the events of the file descriptor are cleared to prevent race conditions on the poll. Then with the events still cleared the key re-exchange handler waits for the remote server to transmit its new keys. But since the events for the file descriptor are still empty poll will never signal that a new message can be read from the file descriptor.

Please find a small example program attached that reproduces the problem. A test setup could look like the following:

# Listen on port 10000
$ nc -kl 10000 | pv -b > /dev/null

# Run the example program
$ ./examples/tunnel

# Send data to port 55555
$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=10M | pv -b | nc 55555

I also attached (the tail of) an strace capture of what is happening and the patch I applied to libssh to get a few more prints along the way.

I started looking into how to potentially fix the problem but so far it's not clear to me how the interaction between the key re-exchange handlers and the poll callbacks was designed to work. Would be great to get some pointers how a fix should look like.

thank you for the report. Can you open a new issue on gitlab to keep this tracked?


This sounds like something more people can hit.

I wrote the key re-exchange support in libssh couple of years back so I hope I would be able to clarify if you have some particular questions. It was highly inspired by the code used in openssh, but I might have missed some corner cases.

Jakub Jelen
Crypto Team, Security Engineering
Red Hat, Inc.

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