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Re: Keep alive the session after remote execution of the commands

On Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:42:59 AM CEST Javad Rahimi wrote:
> Hello,

> We have developed a simple ssh client application based on this
> <https://api.libssh.org/stable/libssh_tutor_command.html> example (libssh:
> Chapter 4) to run a command remotely and return the results. However, the
> ssh server disconnects the connection after executing the command and
> returning the result.
> However, it doesn't happen for all SSH servers.
> Is there any way to force the ssh server to keep alive the session after
> executing

It is normal that the session gets closed after an exec request (see the RFC). 
If you don't want that use a non-interactive shell ...


There is no example, but you could improve the docs once you get it working!

You need to use ssh_channel_request_shell() and you need some protocol to find 
out if your command was successful or not like:

./mytool && echo SSH_OK || echo SSH_KO

I hope this helps :-)


Andreas Schneider                 asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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