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Re: Getting error string from a failed ssh command

On 10/4/22 00:36, Norm Green wrote:
Hello libssh list,

If I run a command over ssh that fails from the Linux command line:

normg@moop>ssh hood foo
bash: foo: command not found
normg@moop>echo $?

I get an error string ("bash: foo: command not found") and an error code (127). For example:
My question is how to do the equivalent with libssh ?
If I do this after opening a session and a channel:

int rc = ssh_channel_request_exec(sshChannel, "foo");
int bytesReady = ssh_channel_poll_timeout(sshChannel, timeout, FALSE);

returns -127 and:

int numRead = ssh_channel_read_timeout(sshChannel,
                              (int) resultBuffer.bytesFree(),
                              0, // timeout: block in poll, not here

returns 0, so I don't get the error string back from libssh.
How can I get the error string result from the failed command using libssh ?

I think you need to set the `is_stderr` argument of the `ssh_channel_read_timeout()` to true to get this message as it will most likely be on the standard error instead of standard output you are querying.

Jakub Jelen
Crypto Team, Security Engineering
Red Hat, Inc.

Re: Getting error string from a failed ssh commandNorm Green <norm.green@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Getting error string from a failed ssh commandNorm Green <norm.green@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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