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Re: GSOC 2023 participation

On 3/25/23 12:11, shivam tiwari wrote:
My name is Shivam Tiwari and I am very interested in participating in GSOC for the Ivy repository. I have reviewed the project requirements and feel that my skills and experience align with what the project is looking for.

Ivy or libssh?

I am a Final year Engineering CS student with experience in open source Python,C/C++. I am excited to contribute to the libssh repository and learn more about Security and Cryptography Here is my Github Profile link:- https://github.com/Shivam7-1 <https://github.com/Shivam7-1>
I have question:-
In this year How many Student are selecting by libssh?

I was just answering in the other thread that we count with one or max two students. We are small organization.

Jakub Jelen
Crypto Team, Security Engineering
Red Hat, Inc.

GSOC 2023 participationshivam tiwari <shivam.tiwari00021@xxxxxxxxx>
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