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Re: GSoC 2023

On 3/28/23 01:02, Igor Putovny wrote:
Dear all,

I am an undergraduate student of computer science and I am interested in participating in libSSH GSoC project.

I took a look at project ideas and I would be interested in /Support for OpenSSH connection multiplexing/ and /Support for FIDO/U2F keys on the client side/.

I would like to ask you for more information about the scope of these projects and other knowledge or skills you may be expecting.

Thank you very much for your time.

please read through the mailing list history for last months. We are getting many very similar questions like this. Read also through the page describing the GSoC requirements [1].

We already had couple of people asking for the FIDO project (but no proposal submitted yet), but I am not aware of anyone interested in the connection multiplexing.

I hope the description on the website with the links should give you some basic information to get you started, think about the problem and ask some questions. We would be happy to answer specific questions either here on mailing list or on matrix/irc channels.

[1] https://www.libssh.org/development/google-summer-of-code/

Jakub Jelen
Crypto Team, Security Engineering
Red Hat, Inc.

GSoC 2023Igor Putovny <igorputovny@xxxxxxxxx>
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