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Re: [Libssh] [PATCH 1/2] Add a generic way to handle sockets asynchronously.

On Thursday 02 July 2009 22:47:44 Aris Adamantiadis wrote:
> Aleksandar,


> I will lie if I never though of that possibility. I have even though of
> rewriting libssh in C++ using a decent OOP model.

Hell no! I love C!

> But there is the problem of dependancies which unfortunately are really
> a problem for a small project like libssh. If we play well, libssh
> could be integrated in major IO toolkits like glibnet, QT, apache IO
> library, others, ...
> Doing the bindings to glib will only make a few people happy and will
> scare to hell the other people who don't want to force users to install
> glib only for ssh support (Ask anyone using libssh on windows).

Requiring glib is a no-go! libssh should be a library with minimal 
dependencies like it is at the moment.


 	-- andreas

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Re: [Libssh] [PATCH 1/2] Add a generic way to handle sockets asynchronously.Aris Adamantiadis <aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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