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Re: Building libssh on Visual Studio 2005

On Tuesday 07 July 2009 10:39:06 Cyril Russo wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Cyril,

>    The attached patch fix the build process on VS2005.
> You'll still need to hack the cmake stuff, as I don't know enough of
> cmake to fix this by myself.
> I've modified the final .vcproj produced by cmake to make it use the
> included .def file (so ssh.dll actually export symbols).

thanks for your contribution. I think all you have to do is to add libssh.map 
in libssh_SRCS in src/CMakeLists.txt. Could you you test this?

If not then add the libssh.def file in the src directory and add it to 
libssh_SRCS in src/CMakeLists.txt

> The second patch fix the closesocket issue I've forgot in the initial
> patch, and apply to last git + the first patch.
> Hope it helps.

Could you please redo that patches. Please set your name and email in git, 


Then please create more patches and group them in fixes with better comments 
and features. This makes it easier to review and easier to debug if something 
should go wrong.

'git add -i' and 'git rebase -i' are your friends.



	-- andreas

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