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Re: Question- How Can I use libssh in C Code?

On Sunday 19 July 2009 11:18:10 Rami Fernandes wrote:
> Hi all,


> Currently I need to develop a C application (in windows XP environment)
> that shall connect to a  network device (switch) via ssh connection. After
> connecting to the device, I need to write/read message into/from the
> connection. It seems that libssh is what I was looking for. However I
> didn't understand how can I use it in C code. I saw at the lisssh site that
> for window you have .exe file. I was thinking of dll that will be added to
> my application and some api functions that I will use from the DLL?

yes, that's the way to use libssh. The exe on the website is a NSIS installer.

> Can you assist?
> It will be a big help for us

Take a look at the sample.c file in the source code.


	-- andreas

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Question- How Can I use libssh in C Code?Rami Fernandes <ramif@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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