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Compile - release 0.3.1 tarball

Use in good health, thanks

	GCC 3.4.3 Solaris 10.
	Downloaded libssh-0.3.1.tar.gz tarball from libssh.org
	Free software for solaris is from the Solaris Companion disk.

	The following modifications were made for sparc solaris:

	1) 'struct keys_struct' was moved from priv.h to libssh.h to get things
	   to compile.  Since this structure has data pointers that may need to
	   be secure, this is probably not the best fix, but for workability,
	   and the environment I am in it will work for now.
	   Here is the problem and why it was moved:
	   a) Whereas I understand needing to privatize that structure, and
	      it compiles the library fine, when including 'libssh.h' as far
	      as an application goes, causes the 'C' preprocessor to generate
	      an error, because simply declaring it in libssh.h, does not
	      give the compiler any sort of size of the structure, because 'priv.h'
	      is not included in 'libssh.h'.  In the library code, any module
	      that uses 'libssh.h' has 'priv.h' included before it, so the
	      forward declaration is resolved, and no error is generated.
	      It should be noted that I understand 'priv.h' should not be in-
	      cluded in an publically executed code.
	   b) In a 64 bit environment, CMake does not generate the appropriate
	      linkages for solaris, i.e. it links in some libraries that are not
	      '-l<libname>' and instead of linking in the path + 'sparcv9'/libname
	      it tries to link the 32 bit library.  I have not had time to really
	      study CMake to fix this, I generally use make, but my fix was
	      when the error was generated in the compile, I manually edited
	      the 'link.txt' file to link the libpath + '/sparcv9'.
	   c) 'ssh_init' was not included in tarball, after talking with _milo,
	      he gave me code for ssh_init, which I think arls gave for last
	      time compiling, having said that, the code he gave me, included
	      the line 'if(ssh_regex_init()) { return -1 }', well, in tarball,
	      that function also does not exist.  So, I tried to move this function
	      to my application code, only to find out ssh_crypto_init,
	      ssh_socket_init, were in 'priv.h' which is not visible to the
	      application.  So, the fix was, was to go to 'init.c' and put it in
	      there. Which without permananent resolution, is going to be a
	      problem everytime an upgrade comes.

	   I realize this software is free, and it is better than any other soft-
	   ware available without going commercial.  So, I have done programming
	   for free, and I know how I feel about support for something that costs
	   someone nothing, it's free, that's it, don't expect the world, so, I
	   do not.  And I fully appreciate that position.

	   I wish I had more time to contribute to this, as I am glad to, however,
	   my personal time does not allow me that luxury right now.

	   So, I hope that I can offer some observations, without offending any-
	   one, it is just programmer to programmer.  I would like to offer the

	1) Is this a programming exercise?  Or is there further aspirations to
	   potentially become known and sought after?

	2) I work and have worked in commercial environments for the past 20+
	   years, I know the mentality, it is not as 'free' as yours or mine.
	   So if there are further aspirations, how you present your software
	   for download and use, makes a difference in perception and quality.
	   So, if from my position, I were to have to convince my boss, this
	   is a commercially viable alternative to other commercial offerings,
	   I would need more ammunition to do that.

	In making an attempt to be proactive in your process, I will still say,
	you have the best public, non-commercial offering available.  It serves
	a purpose here.  Again, this is not meant to be a complaint, I made
	the fixes needed to make it work in my environment.  These are the
	things I had to do to get it to work.  I sincerely hope, we can have
	dialog on this at some time.  In the mean time, my specialty (for now)
	is SNMP and writing high performance data collection solutions for
	my company (the free ones are not fast enough, too general).  So, that is
	my current specialty.

	Thanks for the use of your software.

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