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Re: libssh 0.4.1


When you say "never", how much time did you test ? Which OS ?
Some os have a very long timeout for IO operations that hang. I'd be
interested with a strace output of the application, as well as the
output of the verbose mode (ssh_set_verbosity). Actually, I think this
is a problem you'd get with regular sockets as well.

As a solution, I suggest you either use channel_poll() or
channel_select(), as these are not blocking.



chebrolu bhanuchandar a écrit :
> hello
> i wrote one application using libssh0.3.. the primary usage of that
> applicaion is to upload local files to a remote system..
> (it works fine) .. but when i removed the remote systems connection from
> network (in the middle of file upload)the application simply hangs.. its
> never come out..
> with gdb i found that it hangs in recv call in socket.c ..
> *is there any information about this?*
> *is it the problem in my application?*
> -- 
> Bhanuchandar Chebrolu

libssh 0.4.1Andreas Schneider <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: libssh 0.4.1chebrolu bhanuchandar <bhanuchebrolu@xxxxxxxxx>
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