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Re: Remote EOF and MinGW builds

On Wednesday 03 March 2010 20:51:24 you wrote:
> Hi,

> what about using Apache Portable Runtime (APR) or Netscape Portable
> Runtime (NSPR)? Both implement poll() for Windows, Linux and Unix and
> are known to be very portable and rather bug free.

we don't want to add new dependencies to libssh, so this is not an option. We 
have to implement it in libssh. We can use LGPL code or ask an author if we 
can use the code in libssh under LGPL or write it on our own.

> If it's ok for you I would try get the library use APR. This would fix
> the problem with the poll emulation.

I see several option.

a) Implement it with WaitForMultipleObjectsEx so that it works on Windows.

b) Add a poll function using select and add an option to compile libssh with 
the select version instead of WaitForMultipleObjectsEx, but then the current 
problem still exists.

c) Implement select and check during runtime if WSAPoll() is available. Then 
we have only support for more then 64 handels on Vista and newer.

It really sucks that WSAPoll() is not available on WinXP.

You can join the IRC channel and we can chat there. I can assist you if you 
have questions.


	-- andreas

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