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Re: Remote EOF and MinGW builds

> I forgot to mention, that the Patch is for 0.4.1, which uses only one
> file handle and therefore using select() should be OK. At least after
> changing, the dll is working as it should.

Hi Thomas,

I've just seen another user having the problem that they're linking
their libssh to the native version of poll on windows, and the code
doesn't work anymore under XP and 2k.
I think work should be done here to allow a selection of the poll
implementation to work with at runtime...
> The code from the trunk of the version system, seems to be terribly
> broken. Can you confirm this? Therefore I could not test if the 0.5 code
> is also eating/ignoring remote EOFs...
The code of trunk is not deliberately broken but contains a whole new
socket handling paradigm (callbacks based) and I've seen myself some
problems left under linux. I guess it's worse under windows, so I'd
consider this as experimental code.
The right fix, for now, would be to fix the poll emulation layer under
windows, as it's used as-is anyway with the new socket handling scheme.

> Regards
> Thomas

Re: Remote EOF and MinGW buildsThomas Schmid <schmid-thomas@xxxxxxx>
Remote EOF and MinGW buildsThomas Schmid <schmid-thomas@xxxxxxx>
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Re: Remote EOF and MinGW buildsThomas Schmid <schmid-thomas@xxxxxxx>
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