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Re: Remote EOF and MinGW builds

On Wednesday 03 March 2010 00:48:53 you wrote:
> Hi,

> it seems to me as if the recent Windows MinGW builds are broken. They
> eat remote EOF messages. The code emulating "poll()" is most likely
> causing this.
> As far as I know poll() and select() offer the same functionality.
> Select() needs a little more memory than poll(), but it is way more
> platform independent. Thus I've adopted the library to use select().
> This makes the files "poll.h" and "poll.c" obsolete.

Select can only handle a limited number of handles. This limit is defined by 
the operating system and differs. On Linux the limit is 1024 handles and on 
Windows it is 64. A lot of people work with more handles than 64 and some even 
with more than 1024.

So we need to fix the poll-emulation.


	-- andreas

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