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Re: Remote EOF and MinGW builds

Andreas Schneider wrote:
As far as I know poll() and select() offer the same functionality.
Select() needs a little more memory than poll(), but it is way more
platform independent. Thus I've adopted the library to use select().
This makes the files "poll.h" and "poll.c" obsolete.
Select can only handle a limited number of handles. This limit is defined by
the operating system and differs. On Linux the limit is 1024 handles and on
Windows it is 64. A lot of people work with more handles than 64 and some even
with more than 1024.

So we need to fix the poll-emulation.

The limit can be increased (both on Linux and Windows) by defining FD_SETSIZE
before the #include
The problem with select is that it's inefficient for a large number of sockets.

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