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Re: Hangs when downloading large files


I upgraded to openssh-4.3p2-36. And now the hang no longer occurs. I was afraid it might be like that. On the one hand, it does strongly suggest a server bug, and that might mean that my customers can work around it by upgrading their SSH server. On the other hands, if they don't have the option of upgrading their SSH server, they have no solution, whereas if we'd stuck with 4.3p2-24, maybe we could perhaps have worked around it in libssh.

If you wish, I can retreat to 4.3p2-24, and we can continue to work on it there. But if you're content to leave things as they are in libssh, I'll see if my customers (two reported this problem) are content to upgrade their servers.



Andreas Schneider wrote:
On Wednesday 10 March 2010 20:38:45 you wrote:


[ferrar@wisteria src]$ rpm -q openssh

could you please update to the latest openssh package in CentOS which should be openssh-4.3p2-36.

Looking at the ChangeLog:

* Thu Oct  2 2008 Tomas Mraz <tmraz@xxxxxxxxxx> - 4.3p2-29
- allow options for the sshd subsystem for the sftp logging support (#452619)

This fixes logging support.

Attached is the output of Sawmill using libssh to do the SFTP. I think
this the same as what I sent earlier, though, or similar; do you need
something different from this? It contains all the libssh debugging
output /and/ the Sawmill debugging output--Sawmill's output lines start
with bracketed timestamps.

This looks better. But I don't see something strange on the client site, only that we are in a blocking read and wait for data.


	-- andreas

Re: Hangs when downloading large filesAndreas Schneider <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: Hangs when downloading large filesAndreas Schneider <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Re: Hangs when downloading large filesAndreas Schneider <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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