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Re: Hangs when downloading large files

On Thursday 11 March 2010 02:07:31 you wrote:
> Andreas,

Hi Greg,
> I upgraded to openssh-4.3p2-36. And now the hang no longer occurs. I was
> afraid it might be like that. On the one hand, it does strongly suggest
> a server bug, and that might mean that my customers can work around it
> by upgrading their SSH server. On the other hands, if they don't have
> the option of upgrading their SSH server, they have no solution, whereas
> if we'd stuck with 4.3p2-24, maybe we could perhaps have worked around
> it in libssh.

Well, the openssh version is the same, it is just a new bugfix release and 
well between 4.3p2-24 and 4.3p2-36 two security bugs have been fixed as well. 
So you should encourage them to update to the latest bugfix release.

> If you wish, I can retreat to 4.3p2-24, and we can continue to work on
> it there. But if you're content to leave things as they are in libssh,
> I'll see if my customers (two reported this problem) are content to
> upgrade their servers.

The question is if we are able to work around this bug from the client. You 
should try to convince your customers to update the openssh package.

	-- andreas

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