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Re: Hangs when downloading large files


Thank you--I have informed the customers who reported this, that it is apparently a bug in OpenSSH, and that they should upgrade the server to fix it. Thank you for all your assistance with this.


Andreas Schneider wrote:
On Thursday 11 March 2010 02:07:31 you wrote:

Hi Greg,
I upgraded to openssh-4.3p2-36. And now the hang no longer occurs. I was
afraid it might be like that. On the one hand, it does strongly suggest
a server bug, and that might mean that my customers can work around it
by upgrading their SSH server. On the other hands, if they don't have
the option of upgrading their SSH server, they have no solution, whereas
if we'd stuck with 4.3p2-24, maybe we could perhaps have worked around
it in libssh.

Well, the openssh version is the same, it is just a new bugfix release and well between 4.3p2-24 and 4.3p2-36 two security bugs have been fixed as well. So you should encourage them to update to the latest bugfix release.

If you wish, I can retreat to 4.3p2-24, and we can continue to work on
it there. But if you're content to leave things as they are in libssh,
I'll see if my customers (two reported this problem) are content to
upgrade their servers.

The question is if we are able to work around this bug from the client. You should try to convince your customers to update the openssh package. Cheers,

	-- andreas

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