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Re: Hangs on password queries once SSH session is up

> The SSH protocol is very different of telnet in the sense that the
> authentication mechanisms are part of the protocol and not a text feed
> in the data channel. This permits better granularity on the
> authentication modes possible.

The problem I am seeing happens *after* I have authenticated and set
up the SSH terminal session.

I am at the Linux prompt, and I want to ftp to some other machine
or I want to sudo as root. These will ask me for a password. It
is during this step, long after the session has been set up and
has been working fine, that the client hangs.

Are these linux commands (ftp, sudo, &c) using the SSH authentication
mechanisms again? I am doing the channel_poll on a channel that is
open and has been working fine for some time. But obviously there is
something special happening here. For the initial connection, I did
indeed basically clone the code from client.c in the examples.

Other than the above problem, my client now works just fine.


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